"Santisimo" is an authentic Musical Portrait of Cuban Santeria. It pays homage to the African deities of the Yoruba Religion through the presentation of a collection of music performed during a Santeria feast. This spirited recording has captured the attention of international audiences by uniquely uncovering all the excitement found in ritual. Mr. Barreto is joined by master drummer Orlando Puntilla Rios and vocalist Amelia Pedroso. Together they have officiated at hundreds of ceremonies for many respected elders of Santeria. Santisimo has been mentioned in Bilboard Magazine, N.Y. Times, San Francisco Guardian and has received rave reviews in Latin Beat, Hispanic Magazine and other well known periodicals.


Despite the number of excellent recordings that have recently come into the marketplace there so much more that people yearn to understand about the  Lucumi tradition known as Santeria. It is with this thought in mind that Emilio Barreto has released the "Santisimo En Ritual" project. This live recording opens up an authentic window into the inner circle of one of the most intense ceremonies within the Santeria tradition-the ritual drum feast. It differs from our first Santisimo CD and most Santeria recordings in that the latter follow a Studio performance model, "Santisimo En Ritual" follows a devotional one. "Santisimo en Ritual" represents a unique opportunity for one to experience the natural flow of a tambor moving through a ritual sequence. From the moment you hear the first track you become immediately aware of the trance inducing ambiance unique to a live Santeria feast.



Emilio Barreto, is joined by renowned santeria drummer Orlando "Puntilla" Rios, and exceptional Cuban singer Amelia Pedroso making her U.S. recording debut. Excellent liner notes add to this authentic, powerful and heart-felt religious sharing. "An extraordinary effort." --- San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Led by Emilio Barreto, a santeria priest, this 1996 release pays homage to the African orisha deities through powerful call and response chant and superb drumming - the potent ringing of illustrious voices and sound raised in prayerful rapture. "All the elements and excitement of an authentic ritual feast from its sacred chants and lyrics to the polytonal phrasing of the bata drums." --- Latin Beat.

 " An enticing album which is filled with rhythmically evocative moods"

This piece for Ochun encompasses all the pageantry, the sophistication and the beauty of her attributes. Although its seldomly done devotees  commission solo violinist and small classical ensembles to play for Ochun. As of this writing I don’t know of any recorded project that has published Lucumi Chants with a full Symphony Orchestra.  In short, it has become my passion to fulfill what I believe to be a musical void in our community. Thank you for listening to this preview. The full track will be available at cdbaby & itunes.