Santisimo is the sacred union of the divine ashé communing

as one with a chosen devotee

The Santisimo Concept
In the preservation of the Yoruba religion the imposition of the Roman Catholic saints upon descendants of enslaved Yoruba provided an unlikely vehicle for key religious tenets to survive. For example, the concept of "
Santisimo" in Catholicism is analogous to the Olofi in Santeria. Additionally, the consecration the Eucharist into the "body and blood of Christ" during Holy Communion is akin to the divine ashé of  orisha "communing" as one with a chosen devotee. It is the manifestation of this sacred union that confirms the divinity within us.

Santeria or the Lucumí tradition, is derived primarily from the Yoruba religion of Nigeria. The Yoruba religion is based on one God Olodumare, and the deified forces of nature known as orishas. The forces of nature best illustrate life's cyclical process of birth, maturation, death, and rebirth. The respect and reverence given to the natural world are the principles that most impact Santeria's pantheon of deities, its methods of worship, forms of divination, and ritual sacrifice.

A fundamental belief held by the Yoruba is that all things have an intrinsic energy called ashé. The ashé found in singing, drumming and dancing all meet to create a powerful link with the divine through the medium of music. Ceremonial singers known as akpon and drummers called olubata access ashé to purify the ritual atmosphere and induce trance in a devotee. In this way the ancient wisdom of the orishas is imparted to the world. 

Drummers and singers however, quickly learn that simply playing the drum or repeating the words alone does not establish a divine link. They learn that the passion expressed while singing and drumming also brings with it manifestations that often times astonish the very individuals who try to produce it. The depths of divine expression can only be truly understood through one's own heightened awareness and spiritual development. It is the renewal experienced in the unfolding of ashé through worship that causes practitioners to choose their spiritual calling and thus part take in "The Santisimo Experience."