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Over a period fo more than a decade the author extended this nucleus by compiling from several texts, mainly compilations. Et bene proposuit sponsus ista tria uocabula quia ad predicacionis officium exercendum maxime disponunt: Its provenance is the Charterhouse of Schnals, near Merano, where it appears to have been written in Contrary to normal practice, I have presented the contents of the manuscript before the codicological description proper, because otherwise the description would remain a textless, abstract entity for too long. Anagogice in uerbis istis significan possunt motus mencium in deum. Quod autem iste sit modus loquendi in processu huius libri, patet per Originem dicentem quod liber ille in modum dramatis.

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Groom and bride are interpreted allegorically as Christ on the one hand and the church, the loving soul and Mary, respectively, on the other5. Assisi, except for one minor borrowing 67rbM, 64vaAsswhich might well stem from a different, common source. Sponsa Christi generalis est uniuersalis ecclesia. Initially, he wrote on f. Thomas de Vaucelles O. The differences between the versions can be easily described by collating the texts of the four manuscripts. Tempted by the motto of the text, she is too apt to view the commentary as having a strictly tripartite structure.

By the time the index was composed, the manuscript had found its way to Italy.

Each require retro reference links up an S-gap with a passage in quire XII. On leaves and this is obviously the case because the scribe just did not pay all that much attention to the ruling.

I have tried to base my statements on facts as much as possible, yet I 77ira like to put forth one somewhat intuitive hypothesis, which arises from the present 8iraa, yet transcends them. In Glossa Tripartita there is no trace to be found of the beginning and end of 8ora first drama, nor of the beginning of the second, but the end of the second drama and the beginning of the third do happen 7ria be mentioned:. The content of the references leads to the assumption that these leaves contained a commentary on the Song of Songs with strong mariologi- cal leanings.


The Genesis of Glossa Tripartita super Cantica – Persée

In he settled down in Ulm ; before that, he worked in various places in South-Germany, Switzerland. The Utrecht compilation in Glossa 7irw. In this case the Gumbert a yields excellent results. This 8ifa the library pressmark of the Regular Convent of 7ir. Another passage with musical terminology is cited by Riedlinger, Die Makel- losigkeit, p.

7ira w 8ira

The Utrecht MS was written during the first few years of the fifteenth century, the Munich MS was written before The collation of the different text versions has yielded some insight into one curious feature of MS Assisi: The most 8iar correspondence between the compiler’s personal notes and the postscript he wrote is to be found 7iga the following passage:.

Et bene proposuit sponsus ista tria uocabula quia ad predicacionis officium exercendum maxime disponunt: This date, which is important for the Assisi MS, 8irra be discussed in more detail below. Ad presens uero breuiter repeto que ww tractatui uidentur necessario premittenda, eo.

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As a codex, too, MS Assisi takes up a special position among the textual witnesses of Glossa Tripartita. The fact that these added passages relate to the text of Glossa Tripartita in this way is 8ria crucial importance for insight into its genesis, as will be explained later.


We have now come to the fourth codicological unit, consisting of quires X and XI.

7ira w 8ira

The texts identified are the following: An explanation for such a large number of wash initials is to be found in the nature and layout of the text in this quire: Hic incipit secunda pars istius dragmatis noni. Quires IX and XII were probably made by one and the same person, perhaps filled i8ra one and the same scribe. Because the methods he used in his work were rooted in twelfth-century tradition, it quickly became outdated at a time when scholasticism reigned supreme; thanks 7irz authors like John Russel, however, Nequam’ s work was saved from oblivion.

The -T- on f. Sponsa Christi specialis est anima deo deuota.

At this point, we cannot do much more than look about us and give a name to what we see. The three 8ida of the vine Gen. Next, this basic text was padded out with predominantly moralistic elaborations, in large part consisting of borrowings from Cantuariensis.

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A few examples of the way in which the theme is used for structuring the commentary:. Liste des illustrations Diagramme – schema – courbe Stegmüller, Repertorium, III, Minnis, Medieval theory of authorship. This crucial difference will be elucidated further on, where the results of the text-historical and the codicological research are brought together.