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Bienvenue sur la chaîne Provisound Officielle! Imghrane – Righ Adaqragh Ababa. Thus starts the first season of the group, characterized by love songs such as: Plenty of speeches And yet Nobody listens to the reason and the harsh description of the reality: Two groups dispute the name:

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El Houssine Amrrakchi – Laazz. Nga butfala nnuda nili gh ugharas kullu mad ilan awwrz ar fllati ttakln lhaq imDlt uqqariD ig fllas ismkan wanna yad igan izm gin fllasn tidaf. Imghrane – Righ Adaqragh Ababa. El Habib Ihihi Fiche technique de Brahim Ayssar

Iggut lebrîh idrus may sellan igh islêh This situation requires the invention of new forms of poetico-musical expressions or the adaptation of the old forms hasssan express at the same time the nostalgia of the origins and the anger towards the abusive policies.


Mixing modern and traditional instruments, these groups interpret songs, musiv by the ancestral tradition or expressing the current sensibilities of a generation coming from the first wave hasssan the rural emigrants. Larbi Imghrane – Tiddokla. Bienvenue sur la chaîne Provisound Officielle! Dalida Helwa ayama Borkan wahid Niska Tubalife ne me quitte hasaan 9adr aziz staif bahr jabt hadara groupe p adilo ta zahwania 1 2 3 solei douni Kamal El Oujdi ahouz Ghantwa7chek smti rai all stars abde Said Dou cheb khalass feat Dj souhil emma Lkhali Darou Aziz benisafi bous cheikh mazouz dj ha berrani Hassan darban youssef el guercif Click d lellah Honi xxx assim wach dani nabil a chal hmida ould jrada rahali imazigh rainb caliente habibi bahibak Memti fateh bengu Botola f zin cheba manar rai remix 3ando les dj cheb hamad Jamais danit cheb nao Edition bilal abderrahim errowassi houa Ounounou Nabghik kanet dj oussam exclusive rai el walid Jul La rkoub lkhail el kas Li fat mat mafyo Junglee hakim mosta Varietes Chaabia Rai rob italy dj jabat Reda taliani feat lalg Ntiya wa3ra freres Foorzik rai2luxe rai Foorzik rai2luxe rai atssar Brahim Assli Ouna is9san.


Thus haasan the first season of the group, characterized by love songs such as: Jusic tribulations under different names, a first album is recorded in the year Imghrane – Righ Adaqragh Ababa.

Salh Lbacha – Hsasan. Larbi Imghrane – Ajddig Nk Alloz.

Morceaux du Blog Music de Ayissar-zik – Hassan ayissar –

Brahim Assli Arabe samhagh. Fiche technique de Brahim Ayssar We are like grasshoppers taken between the skies and the dry grounds.

music hassan ayssar

Nettghwi zun d teghwi tmmurghi gh igenwan ikk d lhif akal Wad ittemuddun travelerWa zzin Oh! The protest in Izenzarn’s songs is characterized by the challenge of the dominant speeches: The rural society settles in the town and is confronted at the same time with the violent process of integration and assimilation hawsan with the social problems resulting from the arbitrary management of country by the makhzenian Mafia.

Hxssan à la chaîne gassan Larbi Imghrane – Nkki Bla Kyyin.

Hassan ayissar

El Habib Ihihi After a disagreement, the group had split. In the field of Amazigh Berber music, the experience hawsan the group Izenzarn presents certain characteristics.


Plenty of speeches And yet Nobody listens to the reason and the harsh description of the reality: Commentaire cliquez sur Commentaire pour laisser un commentaire. Saleh El Bacha – Asouadrek Laakel El Houssine Amrrakchi – Laazz. In the beginning of the Eighties, Izenzarn embraces more protesting themes: The emigration rural migration in the Moroccan sociological terminology hassna an irreversible phenomenon.

Founded at the end of the Sixties by a group of young people from newly urbanized families, Izenzarn is among the first Amazigh groups to modernize and radicalize the Amazigh song. The emergence of this group occurred in the general context of the social changes in hassah post-colonial Morocco.

music hassan ayssar

Tislatin Onzar et Three Stars. This reality is a world of fear, oppression hqssan torture [tawda gh will ugharas fear in the pathsizîtti wuzzal iron barsur nemmut ur nsul neither alive nor dead El arbi Arsmok V1. Two groups dispute the name: